Private chauffeur in Paris

First Prestige Paris is a passenger transport company specialized in transfers with private chauffeurs throughout the Île-de-France region as well as across France and beyond the borders. We support you in all your professional and personal travels.

A private chauffeur in Paris at your service

Premium provider, First Prestige Paris prioritizes above all the comfort of its users.

Not only do we provide you with luxury vehicles (Mercedes Class E, Class V, Class S, Mercedes Maybach...), but each driver in our fleet has everything necessary to optimize your comfort. Candies, chargers, drinks, music of your choice, hand sanitizer...Everything is organized to offer you a pleasant journey.

At First Prestige Paris, each driver is tested and evaluated regularly to ensure we provide you with smiling and affable drivers for an exclusive and customized experience.

Concerned about your well-being, your private chauffeur in Paris will welcome you from opening your door to placing your luggage.

A complete service

Private VTC Chauffeur PARIS

Airports (Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Le Bourget and other terminals), train stations, long distances or special events (wedding, evening, fashion show...), no matter the reason for your destination, our platform of private chauffeurs in Paris is waiting for you downstairs and takes you to your destination in the best conditions.

chauffeur Class E or Equivalent
Class Business

Class E or Equivalent
3p. max — 3 max
chauffeur Class V or Equivalent
Class V

Class V or Equivalent
7p. max — 7 max
chauffeur Class S or Equivalent
Class First

Class S or Equivalent
3p. max — 3 max

An expert fleet for an express journey

For your departures from Île-de-France to any destination across France, First Prestige Paris and its high-end private transport service are by your side.

Paris and its surroundings are known for their numerous traffic jams, and it happens that VTCs and taxis do not take into consideration your emergencies or your need to be on time for your professional or private appointment.

We ensure to recruit only drivers capable of avoiding traffic during rush hours and able to optimize your route for a smooth and timely journey.

Whether you need a private chauffeur in the Yvelines, within Paris itself, or elsewhere, we have a perfect knowledge of the intervention perimeter. With First Prestige Paris, you are guaranteed a hassle-free VTC journey.

How to call your private chauffeur in Paris?

At any time of the day, you can count on a private chauffeur in Paris from our company. Day or night, we move throughout Île-de-France and can take you wherever you wish.

Three steps are enough to book your private chauffeur in Paris or the rest of the Paris region.

  1. You provide your trip details: departure and arrival addresses.
  2. You choose the high-end vehicle of your choice.
  3. You make the payment and wait for the arrival of your private chauffeur.

They trust us:

4.7/5 FROM 18 Reviews

A fixed rate to airports and stations from downtown Paris

For our passengers flying to another destination or heading to a railway station, the rates we apply are fixed and aligned with those offered by taxis.

Who does the First Prestige Paris private chauffeur solution serve?

Both professionals and individuals can use First Prestige Paris. Anyone wishing to travel in comfort and receive a complete VTC service can call on a private chauffeur in Paris.

No matter where you are going, as long as your departure is in Île-de-France, we are at your service.

A private chauffeur in Paris also present throughout the Île-de-France region

Over the years and thanks to the quality of the services we offer, we have been able to expand our business to now have professional and certified drivers throughout the Île-de-France region.

You can notably find a chauffeur in the Hauts de Seine, in Essonne or in the Yvelines.

Why choose us?

Our company of private chauffeurs in Paris and in the Île-de-France region prioritizes comfort, safety, and punctuality above all. To offer you a high-end service that meets your expectations, each driver we recruit is tested, evaluated, and has a professional certification allowing them to practice (professional VTC license).

Aware that our passengers are the driving force of our activity, we strive to provide the best high-end transport service possible by providing prestigious cars and a chauffeur who is helpful and above all friendly.